Hours flown


EUROJET is a virtual airline founded in July 2018. Our goal is to help our pilots get the most out of their flight sim experience. As EUROJET is not modelled after a particular real-world airline but rather inspired by several European carriers, we can adjust our schedule or fleet without having to worry about loosing this realism.

Our Philosophy

We at EUROJET believe in the possibility to combine advanced briefing and management systems with an easy-to use interface.

  • Level of realism adjustable to your personal preferences
  • Integration with Simbrief
  • Easy-to-use booking system and SIM Acars
  • Automated pirep validation - never wait for your flight to be accepted!

What do we offer all of our pilots?

For casual pilots and enthusiasts

Choose from dozens of routes or enjoy a charter flight on a route of your choice.
Low Activity Requirements.
Detailed flight planning for enthusiasts striving for the most realistic experience.

Advanced pirep system

Filing a pirep is just as easy as clicking a few buttons.

Detailed Statistics and Leaderboards

You can debrief each flight using our statistics, giving you an insight into your performace as a pilot as well as the financial details of each flight. You can even compare your stats with other pilots!


Want to join our team? Feel free to apply in our Crew Centre. Our staff will be happy to welcome you.