You need to be at least 16 years old in order to register. If you wish to join EUROJET before, parental consent is required.

This virtual airline "EUROJET" is non-commercial. You cannot earn money or monetary rewards directly or indirectly through your membership.

Membership is free of charge.

Participation is platform independent and available for X-Plane, FSX and P3D. You may choose between flying offline or on IVAO/Vatsim.

Please note that participation is only allowed with software for which you legally obtained the right to use it.

Each flight has to be documented and reported with SIM Acars in order to be checked by staff.

In order to remain an active VA, each pilot has to fly at least 2h per month. Inactive members will be given a warning. If they do not become active within 48h, their account will be deleted.

Leave is available on request when providing an email explaining the reasons for your request.

EUROJET reserves the right to temporarily or permanently remove users not complying with these rules.




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